Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Web Development

How To Find The Right Web Development & Design Company For Your Business?

97% of all local businesses are first discovered by consumers online. That means the need for a web design and development company for your...

Easy Guide On How To Become A Web Designer & Developer!

Web design and development is a cornerstone of the digital landscape. Without web designers and developers pushing the boundaries of what a website can...

Going Digital In 2023: The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Businesses!

One 2019 Forbes article showcased 100 different stats about going digital. In it, 56% of CEOs said going digital directly resulted in revenue growth....

How To Choose The Right Web Developer & Designer?

Are you a small business looking to hire a web developer and designer for your business? Before you do, find out how to choose the right web designer for you!

Web Developers Vs. Web Designers: Key Differences Between The Two

In 2021, there were around 4.6 billion internet users worldwide and over 1.8 billion websites. However, when researching the industry earlier this year, I came across a study that showed that only 17% of all websites are active. So I went deep diving and found various reasons for the websites becoming inactive or being shut down entirely. However, some of the biggest reasons most websites failed were their design and development deficiencies.

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