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The State of UX/UI in 2022

UX/UI is a part of web development, but how important is it? What’s the state of UX/UI in 2022? Find out the current hourly rates, trends, and everything else right here!

As a digital marketing consultant, I come across business owners, small and large, looking to invest in digital solutions to expand their audience and business. 

However, they are usually already bogged down by several responsibilities like professional development, accounting, management, strategy, sales, marketing, and customer service. 

That’s why they often don’t have enough time or capacity to invest in creating a beautiful website. However, they know that more and more people are buying goods online. 

In 2021, around 2.14 billion people were expected to purchase goods and services online, with the number set to rise even more in the coming years. Hi, I am Shovon Joarder; I specialize in providing complete digital solutions to business owners and agencies worldwide. 

My team and I have been providing top-end web design and development services for almost a decade. I have seen it grow into the behemoth it is. 

When working with clients, I often come across questions like “what is UX and UI in web development?” or “what’s the hourly rate for UX UI designers?” So I decided to answer these questions along with other information. 

In the following, I will talk about the state of UX and UI in 2022. You will find the hourly rate for UX and UI designers, understand what it is and know about the UX and UI design trends in 2022. So without any further delay, let’s check it out!

How UX And UI Combine In Web Design And Development

If you have ever wondered about UX and UI in web design and development, read on. Your website is the best way to showcase your company’s values and views and your products or services. It works as a digital portfolio that informs your audience. 

Remember, 75% of customers judge a business’s credibility by looking at the site design. That’s the role UX and UI play in web development. 

It ensures your site meets industry standards and is attractive to users. Inadequate UX UI integration will hurt everything from your brand’s reputation to sales numbers. 

Implementing the correct UX UI design principles in your web design and development efforts ensures you have a fantastic end product. 

These two sectors are complementary in web design. UX is more data-driven, while UI is about design patterns and even the most minute visual details. 

Both work together to ensure users don’t strain themselves when using the website and don’t have a bad experience. Here are some reasons I always want my clients to invest in proper UX UI solutions when designing and developing their websites. 

Reasons For Investing In UXReasons For Investing In UI
It improves customer experience. Good UX anticipates customer behavior, needs, and wants and should harness it to drive them toward the ultimate goal. For example, sites with good user experience should encourage interactions by using various call-to-action (CTA) buttons, plus survey or newsletter signup prompts.UI includes things like color, button style, and typography. So good UI speaks volumes about your brand. Your site’s UI should showcase your brand’s tone, culture, values, and other aspects.
Sites that have good user experience elements embedded and decrease customer bounce rate. A good user experience aims to provide ample information and guide the user to the correct destination, reducing the bounce rate as they stick around more.Conversion is another thing that good UI helps with. If the UI is wrong, it will turn away users, but if it’s on the spot, you will see your conversion rates turn up users will start to make contact, download content, or make a purchase. Brands that have welcoming or engaging UI tend to resonate more with audiences.
Integrating the right UX elements into the website is usually a game changer for e-commerce sites as it leads to fewer cart abandonments. In addition, the right web designer incorporates the right UX elements to encourage conversions and can boost sales by up to 400%.Good UI builds credibility as it ensures a great customer experience, and there is no denying its impact on building trust. A seamless digital experience will show the users you put care into the site and ensure people find your product quickly.
Good UX is a cost reducer and, when done right, saves massive costs in customer service. Designs with well-thought-out and good UX make finding the right path to information easy. As a result, businesses can save time and money as they don’t have to deal with forms, chats, calls, emails, or social media.You end up with happy customers when you integrate good UI. The world depends on positive reviews, and it’s not only about having the best product. If users have trouble using the site, customers will end up providing bad reviews.
User experience is a vital aspect of ranking high. It’s a significant ranking signal as search engines like Google prefer responsive, mobile-friendly designs and good page load speeds. Therefore, businesses looking to make it in the digital space must ensure good UX and great results.Customer retention is another aspect UI helps with. Having a bold UI design ensures the brand retains customers. Good UI combines visual elements to facilitate excellent or positive subconscious emotional reactions that encourage repeat visits.

How Much Does A Web Designer Charge Hourly?

Even with audience segmenting, you are bound to have customers with different abilities. So your UX and UI design efforts need to appeal to a broad audience while also enticing trustworthiness. 

A good designer or a web design and development service provider ensures that your project prioritizes practical and accessible design. 

In addition, I always recommend that my clients ensure their web designer meets their needs and international compliance standards.

 So now you may be wondering about the hourly rate for web designers. According to payscale, a UX designer charges around 20-60 dollars an hour, with UI designers usually charging around 19-61 dollars an hour. 

So now that you know how UX/UI works in web development and the hourly rate for UX UI designers, let’s check out the current UX UI trends in 2022.

2022 UX UI Trends

The digital landscape is a dynamic platform. You always have to strike the right balance between finding new ways to engage users and tending to their needs. 

Being a dynamic platform, the trends of “best parctices” keep changing in UX and UI. Here is a list of 2022 UX UI trends I recommend to my clients when providing web development and design solutions:

  • Advanced Cursor Interactions: Cursors have come a long way. 2022 is about ensuring a minimalist and intuitive experience when using the site.
  • Personalized Experience: In 2022, it’s all about personalization. Companies use user data like demographics and behavioral data, localization, and other data to curate a meaningful and holistic experience for users.
  • Data Visualization: Data is the driving force behind today’s world. Before, data was all about businesses, but now consumers look at data when picking up goods and services. The goal for brands in 2022 is to represent data fun and personal. One good example of data visualization is Spotify Wrapped, where the app uses its past user data to create a “YouTube Rewind” type of experience where users get to look back at the year gone by in music.
  • Dark Mode: While it is not new, dark mode is now becoming a default standard for UX as it offers a minimalist tone and visual, which has always been popular. Also, it is an attempt to de-stress the user as people spend more time looking at screens.
  • Micro Interactions: What started as a buzzword has turned into a genuine focus in UX and UI. It began when Google made its buttons bigger when users clicked on them. People look for feedback from everything, even the icons. Brands are now looking to create micro-interactions with their audience by integrating things like small animations and changes of color.
  • 3D Design Tools: 3D design elements are nothing new in UX UI. However, in 2022 it’s not about the 3D effect. It’s going to be more about the advancement of 3D design tools. While it is a trend more for designers than brands, designers who are excited about the new generation of 3D tools hint at the ever-expanding knowledge of the designer who keeps updated on the latest developments.
  • Simple Interfaces With A Twist: Designs with generic, flat elements are a growing trend. Designers are implementing flat designs with small icons that jump out. It’s minimalistic with a twist. This use of unexpected visuals and behaviors is catching user intrigue in 2022.
  • AR & VR: With technology growing and the metaverse becoming a reality, demand for augmented and virtual reality experiences is also growing in UX UI. In 2022, I am already noticing a growing demand for immersive, customized, and unique alternative user experiences.
  • Gaming Experience Integration: Gaming is a big part of modern life. In 2022, companies are branding and marketing by integrating playful content that mimics playful video game interactions. 
  • Responsive Design: Another mainstay in UX UI, the responsive design trend is here to stay in 2022 and beyond. With almost 59% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, it isn’t an aspect that can be ignored. Responsive design is a cornerstone of web design and should never be overlooked.

UX UI Is Vital To Web Design & Development

So there you go, this is the state of UX UI in 2022. Hopefully, now you know what UX UI is in web development. I have tried to answer everything from the hourly rate of UX UI designers to the 2022 UX UI trends that are making waves. 

To sum up, UX and UI in 2022 it is dynamic. The sector has changed significantly in the last decade, and I have seen all the changes personally. 

What I used to do for my clients before doesn’t anymore. Words considered just buzzwords are now valid trends, and design tools used for decades are finally getting new competition. 

However, one thing has remained unchanged: UX UI’s importance in web design and development. So make sure you work with people who understand the sector and are up to date with what’s happening. If you are still confused about the best solution for your brand, then contact me with your questions. 

You can drop them in the comments below or hit me up on my socials, and I will answer all your burning questions. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. I’ll come back with something new to talk about soon. Until then, see ya!

Shovon Joarder
Shovon Joarder
Shovon Joarder is a professional digital marketer with experience of 8+ years. He leads a small team and marketing agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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Shovon Joarder

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